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ReHair Handheld LLLT Laser Brush | Laser Comb for Hair Growth Professional Use

Laser Comb--A Hair Growth Laser Device, suitable for men and women hair loss treatment. It is also named as "laser hair brush", or "hair growth laser comb".

Treat hair loss in the comfort of home Cost-effective and safe for use at home Promotes increased hair health and re-growth with proven results.

  • * NO LED. Dual Row Red Lasers (16 x 30mw 660nm energy diodes) stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles, strengthen, improve and thicken existing hair. Control hair loss in men and women of all ages.

    * The ReHair Laser comb is handheld and easy to use. It features a sleek ergonomic design with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to give you the freedom of movement as you treat your hair.

    * Laser comb rejuvenates skin and hair cells which reduces dandruff by stimulating the blood cells.

    ReHair Laser comb brings the same level of Laser Photo Therapy into a Personal Device that is affordable - the most affordable Hair Growth Laser Device Treatment.